canadian winter coat How to create hedcut style images

How to create hedcut style images

A bit of tinkering is needed here. The first region image, which corresponds to solid black, should not have any large blocks in it or there will be large blocks of solid black in the final picture, which isnt very hedcut-like. In this example the jacket is going to come out as a solid block of black. The solution is to move these large areas into the second region image, so they will come out shaded with cross-hatching plus dots. Note that we dont want to remove all the black areas, as they are especially useful for the eyes.

We can use DeleteSmallComponents to isolate the large blocks from the first region image:

A very long time ago I spent several months working in a photo processing office. Copy cameras, film, and retouching by hand served as the state of the art tools of the day. No commercial personal computers existed at the time, so no Photoshop and no digital anything.

The business had a master of photographic image processing. He would produce all sorts of graphic images from photographs. He did astonishing work.

I saw him tak a multi-step approach to get the kind of hedcut style canadian winter coat describe.

Take a close look at canadian winter coat first image.

The artist/image-processor has outline each of these areas then they deliberately fudged some of the juxtapositions between areas to produce a more hand created look.

The guy I used to know used masks and high contrast images to decompose a photographic image into the pieces he wanted then manipulated the individual pieces with screens of lines, points, or hatching then reassembled all of the pieces.

He did all of this mechanically without resorting to retouching painting on the photograph, so theoretically Mathematica should give one the ability to do a great deal of this.

But, I recommend not underestimating the complexity of the problem. Break it down then build it back up.

Ill give some thought to Mathematica techniques to do this when I have a bit more time.

Of course I not expecting to create a perfect imitation of the style. Maybe not even a close one. I agree with canadian winter coat that it impossible to create it without making intelligent decisions, for example that a square pattern fits the jacket and should follow its natural lines which are probably not even clear in the original photograph, but both the artist and the viewer know what jackets are like, so the artist uses a textile-like pattern that follows the lines of the body; he uses dots only for the face; etc. Szabolcs Jul 25 at 16:02