canda goose jackets Hardwater Walleye

Hardwater Walleye

I will assume that everyone knows that Hardwater is ice and yes canda goose jackets can catch a lot of walleye through the ice,

If canda goose jackets are going to fish Hardwater for walleye canda goose jackets have to prepare much differently than for spring, summer or fall walleye, The weather conditions are much more severe and the fishing can be dangerous if canda goose jackets are not prepared.

Well start with canda goose jackets clothes. Layering works the best. I would start with current lightweight long johns tops and bottoms, then a flannel shirt and some loose fitting jeans. Over that I would wear a pair of lined bibs and a heavy jacket with a hood. I prefer Carhartts but there are a lot of other brands available. Check out Cabelas winter clothing line. They carry just about anything canda goose jackets would want. Gloves are necessary but once the fish start biting canda goose jackets will be taking them off so canda goose jackets can pull the fish out of the hole. Oh yes, insulated boots with good traction are also a must.

If canda goose jackets cant go with an experienced ice fisherman, I would strongly recommend that canda goose jackets go with an ice fishing charter. They will know where the fish are and if the water is safe enough for fishing. They will also provide the ice shanty, the poles, the lures and the fresh bait.

If canda goose jackets are a newbie and have a friend who is experienced they will most likely be glad to ask canda goose jackets along. If that is the case canda goose jackets will need canda goose jackets own pole and lures. Ice fishing poles are specialty poles and much different than what canda goose jackets are used to. Your friend can suggest a bait store or sports outlet where canda goose jackets can purchase what canda goose jackets need. Tell canda goose jackets friend that canda goose jackets will pick up the live bait so canda goose jackets can share the expenses. Make sure canda goose jackets get exactly what he tells canda goose jackets. If he says shiner minnows then get shiner minnows.

In our area Lake Erie Islands there are basically two areas to fish. Along the shoreline and around the islands. Those fishing close to the shoreline usually pull their gear to the area they are going to fish on a sled constructed just for that purpose. Those fishing further offshore usually hire an airboat to take them and their gear to their spot. Those fishing the islands have to fly in or get there by airboat.

Whatever method canda goose jackets decide on, be prepared for the cold. Make sure the ice is safe and be constantly aware of canda goose jackets situation. Ice can break up very quickly. Dont be one of those that the Coast Guard has to rescue from the Hardwater.