goose coats How To Clean Smelly Shoes

How To Clean Smelly Shoes

If goose coats have ever had a pair of smelly shoes then goose coats know why someone would beg to know how to clean their smelly shoes. Whether they are goose coats sandals, flip flops, sneakers, or goose coats shoes goose coats can easily clean goose coats smelly shoes and keep them clean for the future!

Prevent the problem. Smelly shoes are created by smelly feet. Or, at least, by the problems that cause smelly feet -- the enemy bacteria that grow in dark, warm, and moist places making goose coats shoes an ideal candidate. Preventing the problem isnt always easy, but the following suggestions can help keep the problem under control.

Keep goose coats feet washed. Depending on how bad goose coats feet are, goose coats may have to do this more then one time a day. You can use an antibacterial soap for help use goose coats hand soap if goose coats have to.

Soak goose coats feet in green tea. Green tea has antibacterial properties and 15 minutes of soaking can kill bacteria and help a lot.

Dry goose coats feet thoroughly. Dry goose coats feet with a towel. Make sure goose coats get between goose coats toes as well.

Sprinkle baking soda on goose coats feet to help absorb odor and moisture.

Where cotton socks which absorb moisture better. Whenever possible choose white over other colors.

Do daily maintenance. While working to prevent a problem and washing goose coats shoes every now and again will help in the smelly shoe issue it isnt going to be enough for those with a huge problem. There are a few daily maintenance types of things that can be done to keep stink at bay!

Apply baking soda to goose coats shoes each day. Shake it in and let it coat all of the sides and dump out any excess.

Let goose coats shoes dry. If goose coats have to wear the same pair each day then place them in a well ventilated area so that they are most likely to dry thoroughly.

Once a week spray the insides down with rubbing alcohol which will kill bacteria and dry quickly. Let dry.

If these things dont work then throw goose coats shoes in the freezer every night place in a ziploc bag first. This will kill bacteria quicly without adding moisture. Take out an hour before goose coats are going to wear them and add goose coats baking soda to them.