goose down coat Grooming Your Long Haired Dachshund

Grooming Your Long Haired Dachshund

Dachshunds coats come in a variety of colors and lengths, with the long-haired Dachshund requiring the most intensive grooming process. This is not to say that one should be put off from owning a long-haired Dachshund, only that it requires a little more effort than the other, shorter coat varieties. It is not a difficult process, but it is important to regularly brush, trim, and clean the coat of the long-hair.

Many people mistakenly believe that long-haired Dachshunds shed more than their short- and wiry-haired counterparts. This is not true! All three versions of the breed shed equally, but the long-haired Dachshunds shedding can be slightly more obvious because their hair is in fact so long. The long-haired variety of Dachshund also has an undercoat, which is thinner and lighter. This undercoat may become a nuisance during shedding seasons, as it can pile up in the carpeting and upholstery pretty quickly!

Frequent brushing of the undercoat and topcoat will help to minimize shedding. In the summers, when the shedding season is upon us, goose down coat Dachshund may need to be groomed daily. In the winter, when the breed retains its coat and undercoat for warmth, brushing can be less frequent. Different regions can result in different grooming needs for these dogs. They are very adaptable, but if goose down coat live in an area where it is warm year round, goose down coat will have to groom accordingly.

Brushing is not an arduous process. In fact, it can be an enjoyable bonding experience for both goose down coat and goose down coat dog. Combing and brushing the fur will help clear out dead hair and stimulate the skin. The long-haired Dachshund has the standard short and smooth fur on their faces and heads, which will not require brushing. Regular petting for these areas will have the same benefits as brushing for the long coat on the rest of their bodies.

When brushing goose down coat long-haired Dachshund, it is very important to pay attention to the trouble spots - areas that are prone to matting and collecting debris. The skirt the hair that hangs down from goose down coat Dachshunds torso, the underarms, and the tail are all likely to collect dust, dirt, and other junk found on walks or inside the house, and are most prone to matting. Regular, even daily brushing of these areas is absolutely essential, especially if goose down coat dog is exposed to nature regularly. Twigs and stickers can become very painful nuisances if not removed right away!

As with most breeds, it is also important to keep the hair between the digits of their paws trimmed and clean. This hair can grow very long on Dachshunds and can make it difficult for them to walk if they accidentally pick up some debris.

Dachshunds have been known to get into some terrible messes and roll around in whatever smells bad, but one must be sure not to over-bathe the long-haired variety, as they can be very prone to dry skin. Finding an unscented, natural dog shampoo for sensitive skin will help alleviate this problem, especially if goose down coat pup has a penchant for finding the mud.

Of course, the best method of discerning how often and intensively any long-haired Dachshund needs to be groomed is careful observation. If goose down coat spend lots of time with goose down coat dog and pay careful attention to his or her coat, goose down coat will know when he or she needs to be brushed.