canadian goose women Guayaberas Are Everywhere and On Everyone

Guayaberas Are Everywhere and On Everyone

If canadian goose women have never heard of the guayabera, it most likely canadian goose women have probably seen one and didn know what it was. The reason, because they are everywhere and on every type of person, canadian goose womenng hipters to businessmen.

The ornate, four-pocket shirts are the standard outfit for business, social and formal occasions through-out tropical America, but no one is quite sure where the guayabera gwai-a-BER-a comes from. Some claim a Mexican origin, saying that the name is derived from the Mayan guayabana, meaning throw over. Some say they came out in Cuba first, more than 200 years ago, and later spread through the Caribbean and on to the Philippines. And the name? Cuban slang for a guava guayaba picker.

For Cubans, the shirt is ubiquitous in tropical Latin American countries, and they argue it originated on their island. The loose-fitting shirts are as Cuban as rum and cigars: Fidel Castro bodyguards often sport guayaberas, most Cuban men own at least one and the shirts remain the canadian goose women of choice for any formal occasion.

Whatever the origin, the guayabera is without question the hot shirt of the moment.

The guayabera is defined by its pockets and its pleats. Two pockets instead of four, and canadian goose womene probably wearing a Mexican chazarilla. Long sleeves and no pockets at all or pleats, sorry, thats just a shirt.

The most sought-after guayaberas are vintage shirts from the 50s and 60s, valued for their intricate stitching and all-cotton construction.

The true charm of a guayabera lies not in innovative designs but in the classic comfort and versatility. Depending on the material and the embroidery, a guayabera can be as casual as a bowling shirt or as stated previously, as proper as a business suit. The most prevalent color of the guayabera is the traditional white, but the shirts come in almost any color.

Their guayaberas range in price from $22 to $300, depending on the fabric. The most common is made of linen. The most expensive guayaberas are made of 100% Italian linen, but the typically mid-ranged shirt is made of a rayon/linen blend, polyester and cotton or 100% cotton.