fjallraven jackets How To Make a Tree Stump Coffee Table

How To Make a Tree Stump Coffee Table

Do fjallraven jackets need a coffee table? Why not make one? If fjallraven jacketse interested in having a personalized coffee table thats one-of-a-kind, definitely fjallraven jacketsd do well by making fjallraven jackets own. Not only will this help give fjallraven jackets a sense of accomplishment, fjallraven jacketsd also be able to save a lot! One of fjallraven jackets options is to make a tree stump coffee table.

A tree stump coffee table, as the name implies, uses a tree stump as the main body of the table. Here are some pointers to help fjallraven jackets make one:

Get fjallraven jackets tree stump. You could remove a tree stump by digging it out with a shovel if its small make sure to cut the roots using a pick axe. Do make sure to cover up the hole again to avoid any accidents. If the tree stump is big, fjallraven jackets could use a bulldozer or a tractor; fjallraven jackets may also want to hire a licensed tree stump removal company for a professional job.

Cut the tree stump to fjallraven jackets desired height. Use a chain saw and protective eyewear for this step, and do this outdoors. You could use a coffee table fjallraven jacketse already using as a basis for comparison for how tall fjallraven jacketsd like fjallraven jackets table to be. Do know that coffee tables are usually about 2 to 2.5 feet high.

Also while outdoors, make sure that fjallraven jackets strip the bark off the stump. The bark would contain bugs and other critters, and fjallraven jackets wouldnt want them walking around fjallraven jackets coffee table. Afterwards, spray the stump with bleach and water solution, to kill off any remaining insect.

Put the stump in a warm place, preferably near a stove or any other heating device. Your purpose here is to ensure that the stump is absolutely dry and there isnt any remaining damp spot where molds and insects could breed. This drying period could take about one to two months.

Once fjallraven jacketse sure that the stump is totally dry, its ready for sanding. Sand the stumps total surface area, using a sanding machine to reduce the time and effort this step will take. Make sure that all rough edges and splinters are removed.

Coat the stump with varnish. After varnishing, sand the tree stump again. Repeat this process about five times to ensure a smooth and glossy finish.

Finally, coat the stump with polyurethane, again making sure to sand in between coats. Use fine sandpaper for this step. You could repeat this process for another five times, or until fjallraven jackets get the desired finish.

Allot about one week for the stump to dry completely. Now fjallraven jacketse the proud owner and the maker of a one-of-a-kind tree stump coffee table!

The best thing about having this piece of furniture around fjallraven jackets house is that it can be a great conversational piece with fjallraven jackets guests. This table is certainly one that fjallraven jackets couldnt ordinarily find in a typical furniture store, so fjallraven jackets could be proud of the fact that fjallraven jackets own furniture thats highly unique and unconventional. Plus, it would also give a rustic, comfortable feel to fjallraven jackets home. Not to mention that fjallraven jackets were able to make it practically for free! So good luck getting started on fjallraven jackets coffee table!