jackets sale men How To Make a Paper Bag Vest

How To Make a Paper Bag Vest

Vests will always create a fashion statement. With vests easily available in the market, they will forever be a part of every familys wardrobe. For jackets sale men child, a vest that is made out of paper will already do. More often than not, jackets sale men will be required to help him do a paper bag vest to use in his plays, fashion shows, cowboy outfits, and Native American costumes. So before jackets sale men child gets into tears, find out how jackets sale men can help him make a vest using a paper bag:

Prepare the materials for the vest. The main materials jackets sale men will need for this project are a large paper bag and a pair of scissors. If designs are needed, prepare other craft materials such as acrylic paint, glue, paint brush, and other decorations such as stickers.

Cut the paper bag for the vest. Prepare the paper bag and open it slightly. Decide which part of the bag will serve as the face of the vest. Then, cut a very straight line right through the paper bags middle to serve as the front side of the vest.

Cut a nice hole for the head. Find the paper bags bottom and cut a hole there. Make sure that jackets sale men make a hole that is big enough for jackets sale men childs head to go through. For utmost precision, estimate the size of jackets sale men childs head so jackets sale men do not have to make adjustments later in the picture.

Cut two holes for both arms. Find the paper bags sides and make a hole in them. This is where the arms of jackets sale men child will go through when wearing the vest. When cutting, leave around an inch from the top layer of the bag to ensure that the vest will not be easily torn. Once done, let jackets sale men child try the vest and let him move his arms down and up. If his arms have enough room, there will be a little possibility that the vest will be torn away. A good technique jackets sale men can apply for this step is to perfect one side of the arm hole first and then copy it for the other side. When both sides are completed, let jackets sale men child try the vest on.

Finish the shaping of the vest. Cut a V-shape in the front side of the vest. This will prevent jackets sale men childs neck from getting contact and being irritated by the vest.

Paint the vest with any color. Ask jackets sale men child what color he wants for a vest. Then, paint the finished vest with that color. It is best to use acrylic paint for this purpose because it does not leave too much odor behind. Take note that jackets sale men need more than one coat of paint, especially if jackets sale men are using a paper bag with bold designs on it. Then, let the paint dry completely overnight.

Decorate the vest. Get stickers or any other pictures that jackets sale men can use to design the vest. Glue these decorations on the front side of the vest. Or, jackets sale men can paint a new design to the vest using other colors than the base.