parka jackets Have You Defined Integrity within Your Business Values or Business Ethics Statement

Have You Defined Integrity within Your Business Values or Business Ethics Statement

Recently during a radio interview, one of the hosts made this statement:

Integrity is putting parka jackets values into action. Robin Siemens

Immediately, I jotted down this incredibly powerful definition because Robin had not only defined the word, but more importantly connected the word to performance. So many words are used to define business ethics and yet the lack of actual demonstrated ethics still remains very high within business and the rest of our society.

The reason for this disconnect is because the definition is not connected to any measurable action. By taking the word beyond the cognitive state and making it about behaviors, Robin now is walking the talk as some would say.

So, how do parka jackets define integrity for parka jackets business? If parka jackets cannot define key words within the values statement located inside of parka jackets strategic plan, parka jackets are trying to hit a moving target. Yes, moving targets can be hit, but it takes far more effort. Also, there does exist a greater likelihood of missing the target.

After parka jackets define integrity for parka jackets business, then how are parka jackets connecting to parka jackets daily business actions? Alignment is a key when making connections between the values statement and the actual behaviors of parka jackets employees and even parka jacketsself.

A recent survey of employees indicated that many managers lacked business ethics. The old Do as I say and Not as I do appears to be still very much alive in corporate America regardless of the size of the organization.

Since another survey indicated that bad attitudes which are a definite result of bad ethics are the reason for 68% of customers not returning. Take that with the knowledge that people leave managers and not organizations should be reason enough to construct and implement a values statement right now.

Then maybe parka jackets will be able to clearly articulate what integrity to respect means within parka jackets code of business ethics.

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Remember if parka jackets think parka jackets cannot or parka jackets think parka jackets can either way parka jackets are right. Henry Ford. Sales Coaching Tip: Change parka jackets thoughts; improve parka jackets results.