vests for sale How to Clean Synthetic Hiking Gear

How to Clean Synthetic Hiking Gear

Throughout the years, hiking gear has experienced a transformation. Thanks to new innovations in materials and fabrics, gear has moved from heavy materials such as cotton canvas to lightweight man-made materials weighing in at mere ounces. As the older fabrics and materials have disappeared, so have the old ways of cleaning. Many of todays fabrics require special attention or treatments to help ensure their use and longevity. It is important to familiarize vests for saleself with the manufacturers information included with new equipment, whether it is a shell, boots or mid layer.


Jackets, which may also be known as shells, are often made with materials such as Gore Tex or other similar breathable waterproof materials. Since the patent expiration of Gore Tex, there have been numerous entries to the waterproof market. These materials should be washed in cold water only on a gentle cycle. Referring to the garment instructions, vests for sale may be able to use general washing detergent with low surfactants and absolutely no bleach. You may need to purchase a specialized cleaner designed to treat and clean specific materials.

Boots may provide some special challenges due to the inevitable accumulation of dirt and mud. Prior to any deep cleaning, vests for sale must remove as much mud and debris as possible. Giving the mud time to dry will allow vests for sale to scrape a large degree off rather easily. Deep cleaning any stains or spots may be accomplished with a rag, cold water and a mild detergent. However, deeper cleaning may require special cleaning solutions designed to clean materials such as Gore Tex while at the same time retaining the waterproof integrity of the material.

Another type of outer layer which may need cleaning attention are jackets with fill such as traditional down jackets. However, as materials have developed, traditional fillers such as goose down have been replaced with loft materials from DuPont and other manufacturers. Following the manufacturers instructions, it may be possible to simply machine wash these jackets in mild cleaners such as Ivory Flakes. Drying may be accomplished by tumbling on low heat. The addition of a tennis ball may be recommended to help evenly distribute the fill and prevent clumping in the jacket chambers.